Antargaz launches invisible pressure regulator

Brussels, 9 February 2018 - Gas supplier Antargaz launches an invisible solution for the pressure control of gas tanks. Customers who are bothered by the wall-mounted box with a second-stage pressure regulator against the wall of their home can now also opt for the invisible connection Invisia. Aesthetically pleasing and a first in the sector.

A pressure regulator is obligated with the installation of a gas tank. Its function: reducing the pressure from high to medium and finally to low pressure. Until recently, Antargaz used a wall-mounted box with a second-stage pressure regulator as standard. An installer fixes it against a wall of the home in question. It is an inconspicuous beige box, but many customers are bothered by it and find that it is marring their wall. A purely aesthetic issue, but one that often comes up.

The Invisia replaces the wall-mounted box with second-stage pressure regulator

Antargaz recently offered an alternative to the wall-mounted box: the combined pressure regulator Invisia. This pressure regulator combines, among other things, three components in one device: pre-release, pressure limiter and second-stage pressure regulator. The transition from high and medium pressure to low pressure takes place under the lid of the tank.

An invisible connection and an answer to the demand of many customers. From now on, they will have the choice: a wall-mounted box with second-stage pressure regulator or an Invisia. It is a first for the sector, because Antargaz is the only gas supplier that offers this aesthetic solution.

Different combinations

How does the installation work in practice? Antargaz provides the combined pressure regulator to the customer. Just like the wall-mounted box, a professional installer does the installation. There are three possible arrangements with the components of the kit: a basic setup, one for a bend and one for a bend with insulating sleeve. That flexibility is necessary, because every situation differs.


Antargaz distributes propane and butane gas in tanks and bottles and natural gas in Belgium. The supplier also has the right energy solutions for private individuals and companies (industry, agriculture, catering).

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